Kangle Lin👨‍🦱

About me:

Name: Kangle Lin

Location: San Francisco

Age: 20

CO-Founder/CEO @ Gumdrop (Get genuine matches🙌)

Other gigs: entrepreneur, self-learner, community builder, artist (I have some songs on Soundcloud), the one and only son of my parents, foodie

Past projects:

  • I used to be a part of Boonoob.com, a funded party startup in San Francisco, where we threw a party on a battleship. The party made us $70,000 overnight. I thank my good friend Hesam Jafari, founder of Boonoob, who was the first person that believed in my potential as a young entrepreneur. STILL UP AND RUNNING.
  • Yura, where we sold genetic breeded cats in Asia. Backed by private individual investors.
  • V-check, an covid-19 minitor app that didnt fly.  
  • Pubb.at, a community building platform. STILL UP AND RUNNING.
  • Funnybone.ai, a humor personality test. STILL UP AND RUNNING.

You can find me on twitter, or instagram.

You can always reach me via email: kangle@codeboss.io

How did I come around? (a short autobiography)

Back to way back. I was born in China, a city called Ningbo. I spent 15 years there. I came to America by myself when I was 15 years old. First place I lived was a place called Vernon, Alabama. I had to face the racism problem everyday for a year. Then I moved to Orange County. Until I finished my highschool years in Anaheim. I moved on to college in San Francisco. 🌉

I started hustling when I was in highschool. My friend, who was really good at investing, came up with an idea of making an app that tells the financial report faster than any other person. Long story short, that was my first failed "startup". I really got serious about it when I was a fresheman in college. I met the founder of Boonoob.com. He was getting his MBA from University of San Francisco at the time. He believed in me and made me a partner. We throwed a party on a battleship with 1,000 people on it. After that venture, my friend from Vanderbilt University asked me to be the Chief Innovation Officier at Yura. We sold a lot of genetic breeded cats in Asia, mainly Hong Kong and Macau.

Then it comes to my first serious venture. Pubb.at, the community building platform that Gilbert and I founded together in a tiny Chinese restaurant on Balboa St, San Francisco. Being the CEO for the first time in my life give me a new perspective on running business. I love the process of learning and applying. Most importantly, I want to make something that would one day benefits people.  

We were able to make money with pubb.at, but we decided community-building is immature at the moment. But I personally ran into problems with dating, I couldn't find my love even with all these dating apps on my phone. We decided that is the problem we wanted to solve. We want to bring high-quality matches to online dating. From there, Gumdrop was born.

Links to Gumdrop:

Gumdrop - Find your happy match. | Product Hunt

Early access: Email me, I will shoot you a personal invite code :0

Download it on AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gumdrop-no-swipe-chemistry/id1539863964

Website: https://gumdrop.ai

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GumdropApp

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