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Push Start Effective Networking

Push Start Effective Networking

Networking is a magic weapon. If you mastered networking, you can basically sell anything. 🛸🧋🌻🚀🌚 Most people don't understand how networking works. I didn't know how networking works until 2020. I found myself in situations where I need to get certain things done, but I didn't know how to make it

What happened after pubb.at (How Code Boss pivoted)

What happened after pubb.at (How Code Boss pivoted)

Pubb.at was awesome. Our team built a product from zero to hero. Pubb.at was hosting communitiesi  for many community builders. The platform is still running. I was very proud of my team that pubb.at literally went from zero to making money by the end of 2020 summer.

It's a lonely run, survive it.

A founder is a lonely position. Run a startup is really hard. You will get upset, you will get stressed, you will get paranoid. Worst of all is most likely you won't share all these with anyone. It feels very lonely. I always share the good emotions ASAP with my

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