Pubb Builder Project Day 3💿

Happy Wednesday! #Aliens

My goodness, it's another beautiful day we got here. Another day for us to practice and be better at our craft. Imma cut my speech short. Let's dive straight into the content and money talk!

Today's Topic: Content💡 & Money💵

Part 1: Original Content(OC) & Supporting Content(SC)

A lot of community builders that I've talked to have some common problems.🌪 Problems like "turn out rate are low" or "people are not engaging" are very typical. In my opinion, this type of engagement problem is caused mostly by two reasons:

  1. The community was not formed right. The culture and vibe are bad. As a member, there is not much you can do about it. A good example will be most of the college clubs.⛈
  2. The original content was not what the audience needs. Audiences lose their reason to keep engaging in the community.🌧

The first problem is almost impossible to fix if the community already formed its scale. I have this personal encounter that might make this a bit clear. When I was in my freshman year. I joined this club called Intervarsity. It's a Christian club at the University of San Francisco. It has a very low turn out rate. They want to fix the problem badly, but it's a hard problem to solve. It goes back to what we talked about yesterday. The importance of focusing on high-quality early adopters at the early stage.

Problems 1 and 2 are not separate problems. The right community vibe is the foundation. You need the right foundation to put the right OC.🕸

The second problem is more solvable. You need to create good OCs. Creating a good OC is always harder than it sounds at first. Good OCs are not what you think is good, but rather what your audience needed. Too many community builders assume what their audiences want to see. So they create a ton of junks that ended up no one reads. You must collect data on this.⌗

My favorite way to figure out what people need is to talk to them and ask the right questions. I don't really go for what they want. I avoid asking questions like "what do you want to see". Instead, I want to find out what they need from me right now. Back I was in Yura, my genetic breeding cat company, we had a hard time to get people reading our weekly publication. My partners couldn't figure out why. I tried to catch the hot events at the time and add in whatever growth tactics are recommended by other big CMOs in China. I was desperate. In the end, I was lurking in our Yura cat lover community, and I found many people were complaining about our insurance package. They didn't know how to use it properly. I told the team to write how to use the insurance. Ever since that incident, I realized that community builders need to create OC around what the audiences need.🤨

The reason to create the right OC is to help to create SC. SC is extremely important for a community. SC can be comments under a post to follow up on an event. It is so important that I consider it the lifeblood of a community. A community that only has OC is not a community. Look at those blog people wrote. You can have a thousand views but no comments.

Here is an example from IH, an OC with a ton of SC:

(click the link to see the post, you will see how engaging it is)👀�

Kangle Lin entrepreneurship startup community building
Kangle Lin entrepreneurship startup community building
Kangle Lin entrepreneurship startup community building

Some communities are easier to create SC. But for communities that themed around sensitive stuff, like a mental health support community, it might get tougher to get people to comment or follow up. It requires more intimacy. It goes back to build the TRUST! Review day 2 on this is a good idea.💡💡

For online communities or offline communities' online presence, it's crucial to find the right platform. Members are seeking intimacy in a community, so they went on chat apps. A good blog here: Why Online Communities and their users are seeking real-time chat. But communities hate chat apps at the same time, because it's not designed for community or topic discussion.🗣�

For SC to work, you must have a place where people can comment and interact. And the best if the platform can also make increasing intimacy easier.

Part 2: Monetizing

One hundred dollar bills

If you didn't aim for a non-profit, be smart and brave on making those Benjamins! Don't be afraid to charge people. 🏷Pricing is a skill, you won't be good at it unless you practice it.

The only thing you need to do to charge someone is to deliver the minimal of what it takes to solve his/her problem. Only the minimal of it. You don't need an app to charge someone, you just need to provide the minimal value to solve the problem and they will buy it. I like to give people a very extreme scenario. If your leg just got ran over by a truck, and I have some leftover pain killer outta my ass pocket. Will you buy it?💸

Charging people is a mental battle for early-stage entrepreneurs and community builders. Trust me, I have been there many times. Builders always got paranoid and afraid that their stuff is good enough to charge people, or not good enough to charge that high. You gotta force yourself to be reasonable here.

Of course, you don't want to just charge randomly. You want to talk to your customers again to get a rough number. Find out how much it worth for them. A good way to do that is to ask what they are currently paying for their current solution. Again, pricing is a skill, you must practice and experiment it over and over again. And the only way to get it right is to experiment. I know you won't like this, but most likely you won't get it right the first time. I was an A student in Economics, but those models aren't for the real world.🌏

Price early. Experiment often.

Assignment for Day 3:

  1. Read through the material carefully. Take a good 5 mins to just reflect on it for better digestion. 🧠
  2. Post your matrics on <metrics> channel🧮
  3. Do some interviews with your targeted audience, and find out what they want to read.👓
  4. Write and publish a short/long blog on Indie Hacker (or anywhere you prefer). try to build your SC and interact with them. Provide value when interact. Share the link in <Share> channel✍🏻
  5. Record and post another video about your day, and share the youtube link in <share> channel (be confident! so important!)📽

Hit me up for any question in  <general>, or by email. I am here for you!👨‍🦱

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