Pubb Builder Project Day 4💪

Happy Tuesday! We already went through the hard parts of community building. Now we are going to focus on the soft part. In ancient Chinese philosophies, there is a thing called "Dao". It means "path".🛤

I had a mentor once on physical combat. He was a Korean veteran from the US army special opt. I was eager that my skills were so bad, so I hit the bag like there was no tomorrow. I broke my knuckles, blood all over. He looked at me and said: "You have to get out of that door, get to your car, start it, drive it, open your door, to just get home. There is a path for everything. No one can skip the 'Dao'."🗻

For community builders, we need to find our "Dao".🛣

Today's Topic: Builder Spirit🦾

Part 1: Active🏊🏻‍♀️

In early-stage community building, the relationship is the key. People nowadays on social media expect others to start the conversation. Therefore, you are going to be the person who starts the conversation! Be proactive. Think about it how many people actually do it? You are going to be special to the person who received the message. I started to build my twitter 5 days ago, and now I have 61 followers as I am writing this course. I found a strategy extremely useful, which is direct messaging people. I pick people who have fewer followers than following and comment under their tweets. I give them some valuable content. Then I go DM them and tell them I really like their tweets. I probably got over 50% of followers through that way.🏅

Here is a very straight forward one:

(Before I DM, of course, I commented his stuff)

Kangle lin

People want intimacy. It's human nature. You want to interact with a person online just like how you interact with your friends in real life. What do you do when your best friend commented on your post? I would guess that you will reply to them. Do that for people who comment under your post. Reply to each one of them with value.💰

Treat your audiences like your friends. Make them feel special and intimate.

Part 2: Consistent & patient🚦

Active, consistent, patient. There are all connected. I decided to put consistent and patient together because I found it hard to separate them.

I believe you got the point. Building a relationship of trust takes time. It doesn’t normally happen over a tweet or a comment. It takes more than that. You must show up when these people need you. When they see you are consistent, they will have more trust in you. They know you are a reliable person and they can count on you for this. Too many people couldn’t be consistent so they quit. The way to a vibrant community can be longer than you expected. It is most likely to be longer than you expected. If you had to choose between intensity and consistency, choose the later. You want to be there consistently because it is the way to build your relationship of trust. You crack all the blog or posts in one week doesn’t really help you much except increasing your chance of burning out.🚨

Everyone wants to be Mark Zuckerberg overnight. They want it quick. Maybe I am wrong on this but I don't think that's how it works. From my experience, it's never quick. It's most likely going to be longer than we expect. There are a lot of work goes into community building.🛶

A good way to keep yourself consistent is to make it a habit. Reply Indie Hacker every day, tweet every day, write one blog every day. Make some goals and make them a habit, a part of your day. I reserve 3 hours for replying and twitter every day. I do them after dinner. But you have to find out whatever works the best for you. Everyone is different.🛫🛬

Even though there are fewer words in the soft skill section, but these are extremely important. You can have the best hard skills but can't be consistent and patient. That is not going to fly. It's a craft, practice to get better. Set a daily goal.🗽

Start with one or two habits. I started with IH reply, and slowly add more and more in my routine.

Be there actively, consistently, and patiently. It's your community, so own it!🤴👸

Assignment for Day 4:

  1. Read through the material carefully. Take a good 5 mins to just reflect on it for better digestion. 🧠
  2. Post your matrics on <metrics> channel🧮
  3. Make a weekly schedule and stick to it. Share your schedule in <share> channel. 🛡
  4. Publish another blog and share the link in <share> channel. 🖨
  5. Comment under other's posts. 📱
  6. Record and post another video about your day, and share the youtube link in <share> channel (be confident! so important!)📽

Hit me up for any question in  <general>, or by email. I am here for you!👨‍🦱

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