Feedbacks from non-users are WORTHLESS

Feedbacks from non-users don't provide any value.

Founders often don't distinguish the differences between customer feedback and garbage feedbacks. This can cause you a lot of time and money.

Getting feedback from users is very valuable. Because they are the people who are using your product and paying the bill. But people who are not using your product will often give useless suggestions. The worst case is definitely having someone who doesn't have the problem that you are solving gives you suggestions on your idea. They don't care and they don't know about the market that you are in. Therefore, they will provide garbage data.

I personally didn't like pioneer for that reason. Unless I get to chat with the founder of Slack to get some insight, but I don't think they are on the pioneer. My experience with leads from pioneer is horrible. Two dudes signed up my waitlist, one was browsing for fun, another was just trying to talk and he couldn't even remember what platform I was building. Do you really want to get feedback from these types of people?

I have to say I still value information from non-users if they have the problem that I am solving. Let's be real, no one started their project with 100 users, you need to talk to people. But non-users with absolutely no problem in the problem you are solving? I don't see how that will work out. It all ended up pretty bad in my experience.

Get rid of the noise, get to the right people, get the right data, build the right stuff.

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