"Good vibe" is not a good to have, it's a MUST.

Communities with negativity are set to be split. It won't last.

There are two types of negativities in community building. One is inward negativity, where members spread negativity to other members. One is outward negativity, where members view people outside of the group inferior.

The first type is very toxic. We probably all have seen that happened in school or family unit. I love to do bible studies, so I had this Christian community where I do my bible study. There was this girl who disliked me and gave me hard time for no reason. So I eventually decided to quit that community and move on to create my own online bible study with people who don't gave me negative energies. This type of negativity is very easy to detect, and needs to be stopped right away.

The second type is tempting. People talk trash about other people inside or outside of the same industry. It's like politics. You have different parties hate on each other. Some community builders took that as a good sign. I know we all try to create some "cultish" community where people are super identified with the community, but this type of negativity is a overplay. You can prob grow your community pretty good with this type of negativity, but it will lead your community off the course from its vision and mission. Look at what politics has done to political parties. But the reason why most of these parties were created was to express people's needs. You will end up having a community that's lead by emotion.

Don't fall for any of them. You want a community with good energy. Not a good to have, it's a must.

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