How to deal with "feeling lost" as entrepreneurs🤧

Being an entrepreneur is not about always busy doing things.

I believe every entrepreneur feel the same at some point in their journey. It is easy to feel lost when you can't figure out some of the most important question. You asked yourself a thousand times of the same question in your mind but the answer is just not clear to you. We all feel lost at that point. Sometimes it gets so desperate that people wanted to give up.👋

But I think being lost is a part of entrepreneurship. The movies doesn't really show this part. Mark seems to get everything figured out overnight in Social Network, but who knows how much time he spent in thinking what Facebook should be?🧠

Don't be discouraged by that, and I think the best way to not get discourage by that is to join a community for community builders. To find a community where people support each other.🙌👏🤲🤝👍

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