It's a lonely run, survive it.

A founder is a lonely position.

Run a startup is really hard. You will get upset, you will get stressed, you will get paranoid. Worst of all is most likely you won't share all these with anyone. It feels very lonely.

I always share the good emotions ASAP with my team and my family. I would literally facetime my dad and tell him about the progress I had made. But when things get stuck, I tend to not share it with anyone.I don't think sharing I am worried about something would help the situation, so I keep it down and keep looking for solutions. I think most of the founders have gone through this. We tend to feel the pressure a lot stronger than anyone else because your capacity is your product's capacity.

The only way to overcome any psychological difficulty in this game is to overcome the problem itself. When an obstacle is cleared and execution is executed, all these unhealthy feelings will go away.

Have a co-founder is a blessing, it made so much easier. I am not saying telling your unhealthy feeling to your co-founder, but work on the problem and get some input on the obstacle. Don't ever give your unhealthy emotion to your team, because it's the type of chicken and egg thing. When people see you down, they got affected as well. Simply be honest with the rest about what the problem is and work on it.

To my experience, two founder team is the best match. One is too hard to get through tough times. Three is too could work, four is too big. It's a war, you need people who you can trust to survive it. The bigger it gets, the less intimate it is.
In the end, I just wish everyone survive this war and keep fighting all the small battles.

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