Why do community builders need to be real? let me tell you about John & his Yen💴

This past May, I was lucky that I got connected with John Saddington and his Yen. It was an absolutely hardcore learning experience. I learned so much about community building from John.

John is a great coach. He is a great entrepreneur who loves to share knowledge and build his business in the open. What amazes me is his builder spirit. As a community builder, he was a good model of how people should interact in a community.

John is an incredible builder. The biggest lesson I learned from him was being vulnerable as a community builder. Be vulnerable as a role model to influence the community. I saw him cry in his vlog the day his daughter got hit by a car. He showed me that it is better to be a close friend than a hero.

Vulnerability and authenticity. I have so much respect for him simply because of the fact that he understands it and applies it to his own community.

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