Kangle's User Manual: Working w/ Kangle

Hi, this is a manual for everyone who is going to work with me :)

What I Believe:

  • I believe that I can do anything. Like seriously, I can.
  • I believe that people should know their purpose in life. This is the only way for you to truly work hard on something. Otherwise, you won’t put it your true 100%.
  • I believe that you can solve any problme as long as you have enthusiasm and positivity.
  • I believe that everyone should be constantly updating themselves on every important aspect of life (i.e. Business, Mental, Empathy, etc), daily.
  • I believe that my life is the result of my decisions and execution. I am fully responsible for my failures and successes. If I am late for the meeting, it will be my fault. Even if the bus was late, or the internet went down.
  • I believe in motions, the further I go, the more I know and the more I accomplish.
  • I surround myself with good people. In my world, good people make things happen. I pick good people over good ideas every single time. How I define good people is (good intention + good execution + good intelligence + Wisdom).
  • I believe in hustling. Working smart + working hard = cool things get built
  • I believe in urgency, my days are numbered, so are yours.

My Communication Style:

  • I text people when I have something to say. I do it almost instantly.
  • I prefer video chat/in person for important meetings. I like calls when people need to hit me up on something suprising (i.e. we gonna be out of busienss). I like slack when people need to tell something normal.
  • I prefer bad news travel fast to me.
  • I am straightforward. I don't give hints, I just say it.
  • I am not good with jokes and metaphors.
  • With my team, people can slack me anytime. Even if it's 2 AM in the morning. If I am up, I will reply.
  • I like rapid responses, though I understand not everyone can do it. But if we are working closely, I will respond fast and expect the same in return.
  • I believe that remote working can be just effective. I am big into in-person meetings as well if we are in the same city.

My Habit:

  • I schedule 99% of the things. I respect everyone's time by explicitly state out the time for meet ups. I don't give people "it should work" or "let's wait and see if I am too busy that day". I expect the same respect in return.
  • I create systems around my life and business.
  • I notice the details (small thinsg) of how people behave, that's how I know if you are a effeective person or not.
  • I don't wait on people. If I am leaving at 8:00, no one can make me leave at 8:01.
  • I don't remind people. I think it's one's own responsibility to use a calander.
  • I text people and receive text 24/7, but I reply to the higher priority ones first (i.e. works related). I reply to messages that are not work-related in a boxed time.
  • I don't like to be disrupted when I am working in person. I much prefer you to send me a slack if I am working. Even if you are just sitting across the table.
  • I am very intentional with the words that I use, I avoid using words that don't mean or do anything.
  • I like to travel to different places throughout the year, but I am always working even if I am on the road.

What I Don’t Have the Patience For:

  • People who can't use Google & Youtube
  • Words that can't be followed by actions
  • Beat around the bush
  • Slow progress (lack of urgency)
  • People who are negative or pessimistic

How To Best Communicate with Me:

  • Feedback: I am always looking for feedback. Just shoot me a slack or message. I would always appreciate that.
  • I do my best when you are consistent in the communication channel. If we talk on slack, keep it on slack. If we talk on Twitter, keep it on Twitter.
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