🦄NFT Crash Course🦄 <Made Easy>

NFT. Ok, folks. You probably already heard people throwing the term around a couple of times. you probably got even more confused when people were trying to explain what it is. You see all the money got throwing around in the NFT market, and you wonder what the heck exactly is NFT? 🧐 You might be thinking about:

  • Learning about NFT
  • Purchasing NFT from your favorite creator/community
  • Creating your own NFT (DM me on Twitter for free consultation for creators/communities)

If that's you, keep reading.

This is made for you, I am putting the best resources on the internet here for you folks.

Enough talking, let me drop the resources 📚:

NOTE: You only need to read one article per section to understand NFT. But you can certainly read them all if you want to get a better understanding.

1. What Is NFT?


2. How To Make a CryptoCurrentcy Wallet?


3. How To Get ETH In Your Wallet?


4. Understand Gas Fee


Other Advices:

The truth is: you won't need to know about what exactly NFT is – one day, though not today. You will see NFT label the same way you see the Bluetooth label one day. Average folks don't understand how exactly Bluetooth works, but we do know it connects your devices and we use it every day. Anything with an NFT label, you pretty much know that you can trace the item back to its origin, history. And you know the item is unique, meaning this is the only copy.

I hope you learned something new here today. I am open to feedback on this page. And my DM is always open on Twitter!

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