Should you sell in your first meeting with a prospect? Hell yeah!πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

I wrote an article on recognizing the differences between A customer who has the problem vs. A customer who recognizes the problem. I also had another one on here: You should know if she is your customer in the first 5 minutes. These two really shows you how to identify good qualified customers. You should show your product if you find a person who recognizes she has a painful problem that you can solve.

It's not about selling. You don't pitch to a person, that's just not the way to do it. You will lose valuable data by pitching. It's about finding out whether or not she has the problem you are solving. And she must recognize it by herself. People will buy when they know you have the solution to their problem.

Founders struggle with whether or not they should sell in their first meeting or customer interview with their customers. The answer is simple, sell it if the person has the problem you are solving and she recognizes it as a painful problem. Don't force to sell if the person doesn't have the problem or she doesn't recognize she has it.

Don't be shy if you have the solution to a person's problem. The earlier you deliver it, the better is it for your customer. Because her problem will be solved ASAP. If a person's leg got cut off and she is bleeding, you happen to be able to save her. You should offer the service right away. There is no need for your service when the ambulance arrives or when she's dead. I am referring to people found an alternative solution or give up on whatever she was doing.

Time kills deals, it's a law. If you know the person has the problem you can solve, deliver the solution ASAP! Don't let her suffer. She would appreciate you!

I know a lot of people brag about the Mom Test, but that's literally the easiest and most effective book you can get to learn how to identify problems. I have read a lot of sales books, such as Triangle Selling, and none of them are as effective as the Mom Test for sale newbies.

Sell it quick, don't feel embarrassed. Too quick won't kill the deal, too slow will!🀯

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