Twitter Hypergrowth🌱? How a 0 foundation beginner grew from 0-60 in 5 days🙊

lil spaceship talk from Kangle Lin

I always hated Twitter. 😕 Because I was never good at reading. But recently I realized that it's actually a pretty good platform because the "vibe" is comparatively better compared to Instagram and Facebook.

So I pulled out my twitter account.( I registered this one for fun in 2018, then I abandoned it because I didn't like it. I had 0 followers. That was 5 days ago. I started to ask around on how to tweet stuff to grow my followers. Here I want to shout out my friend Wit Sumathavanit. His Twitter here ( He has a lot of good articles for early-stage twitter audience building. So basically I read some of his blogs and got some ideas on how to do it.🤯

But that was still blurry because the only way to really understand is to do it. So I went on twitter, but I don't know where to start from. Who am I going to comment under? back then I didn't know anyone, so I searched up Indie Hacker on Twitter. I went to its tweets and there were a lot of ppl commenting. So I start replying to everyone.

Not just replying. But reply with value. I retweet with comments as well. The first day I tweeted for about 3 hours. I got about 10 followers. I was happy. The next couple of days I kept doing it. I concluded a couple of things that I wasn't doing good at, but you guys don't have to go through the same struggle.

  • Find the right guy to target: before u reply, click their profile. I find ppl who has more following than followers easy to get. reply to those ones.
  • retweet with good comments: make it count, don't retweet like a dumb fool like me on 1st day.
  • Reply a lot: you have to use volume to let people see you, the algorithm gots in the way.
  • Good following and follower ratio: don't have 1000 following and 50 followers, that made you look bad.
  • Tweet time: it will take time. Prepare maybe 1-2 hours a day. At least the beginning, just to get familiar with.
  • Like it!: Like doesn't cost you much, like all the tweets, so people can see you.
  • DO NOT comment under anything that is related to politic, YOU WILL REGRET IT!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I do a bit extra. If I find someone who is likely to follow back and allow me to DM, I comment on their posts and then like a bunch of them. I follow them, then I DM them and tell them I like their tweets. They feel special, 50% chance they will follow back.👏

See, no matter how much I say. It doesn't mean a thing if you don't do it. I found Twitter is a hard question. I didn't get it before, I am still learning. It requires you to really do it. Do it, then you will understand. Have the spirit of experimenting. There is really no singular way of doing it. There are tons of tactics really.

Find the one that fits you the most! You can do it!😎

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