What happened after pubb.at (How Code Boss pivoted)

Pubb.at was awesome. Our team built a product from zero to hero. Pubb.at was hosting communitiesi  for many community builders. The platform is still running.

I was very proud of my team that pubb.at literally went from zero to making money by the end of 2020 summer. By the end of 2020, we were out looking for fundings.

BUT WE DECIDED TO PIVOT. By pivot I mean we are working on something totally different — dating.

There are a couple of reasons why we decided to pivot. And the most important one is that community building is still pre-mature. I was able to solve problems for community builders, but the niche is just too small at the moment. Our users were mostly community group owners instead of startups, who we originally targeted. Startups are small. They have to focus on their top priorities. And building a community around a product sounds amazing but it is hardly made into the priority list. Let’s face it, not all products need a community around it.

But dating is just such a headache problem. I am freaking single, guys. I need a girl who matches my vibe. I couldn’t find one even with all these dating apps on my phone. I know there is a problem here and it’s very intense. Since the problem is so painful and personal, we decided that where we are heading next. We are going to provide a platform for people to match, not just dating, match.

It’s a new thing, it’s a vibing app. It’s simple, no hookup, no messing around, just simple matching with great quality people. Filter out the fuck boys/gals, we created an invite-only matching app, gumdrop.

What we really want to do is just bring in a more authentic and safe environment for people to vibe or date. Sounds simple, but all the other apps on the market are focused more on making money than solving this hard problem. On current dating apps, men can hardly get a match, and women are having a hard time filtering out people who just want sex. Who can relate?

So here we are at the end of 2020, we came back to the industry hard with a fresh app in the App Store. Gumdrop is going to steal the shine of this industry.

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